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CHIP Resources

In this section, you'll find CHIP materials and resources to use to promote the vital role CHIP plays in Pennsylvania.

  • Order CHIP materials — printed materials that are available for FREE. Help us spread the word about CHIP. Just tell us what you need and how many, and we'll ship it all to you.

  • Download CHIP materials — resources for anyone who wants CHIP materials and information to share with the public. This is a great resource for family members, community partners and organizations, legislators, churches, libraries, schools, etc. You also can view our marketing campaign in this section. Watch our TV commercial, listen to radio spots, or download other creative elements of the campaign.

  • Family Resources — a comprehensive list of CHIP insurance companies and commonwealth agencies affiliated with CHIP.

  •  Reports — an archive of annual reports, research reports, press releases, and media contacts.

  • Contact Us — contact information for the CHIP office, insurance companies, and our press team.

  • FAQs we compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to take care of any questions you have about the program.

  • Accreditation Status — View the status of every CHIP managed care organization.