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Information for Immigrants

Immigrant children are eligible to apply for CHIP if they meet the following criteria: 
  • Child has lawfully entered United States and has received legal immigrant or lawfully present immigrant status.
  • A person may be considered a legal immigrant or qualified alien if they are a Pennsylvania resident and:
  • Legally residing in the United States
  • A refugee
  • An asylee
  • A Cuban – Haitian entrant
  • A lawfully present immigrant whose deportation is being withheld by INS
  • An Amerasian immigrant
  • A child of a veteran or active-duty U.S. military serviceman
  • Children certified by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) as Victims of Trafficking


Commonly asked questions


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How do I apply?

​​​You may apply for CHIP:

Does CHIP share my information with other government agencies?

​Yes, but CHIP may only share your information with other government agencies for purposes directly connected with the administration of CHIP, such as establishing eligibility, providing services, and conducting or assisting in investigations, prosecutions, or civil or criminal proceedings related to the administration of the program.

Is my Social Security number required?

​No. A parent's Social Security number is not required. However, a Social Security number is required for each child who needs CHIP coverage.

Is my child's Social Security number required?

​Yes. An applicant child's Social Security Number is required to determine eligibility for CHIP. This number will be confidentially handled and will only be used to ensure that your child is enrolled in the correct program with the correct insurance provider.

Will I get political information from CHIP?

​No.The information you get from CHIP must directly relate to the administration of the program, or may be directly related to your health and welfare, such as announcements of free medical exams or the availability of surplus food or consumer protection information.You will not receive information that is political, except as required to satisfy the national voter registration law, and you will not get general announcements, such as partisan voting information or lawfully present immigrant registration notices.