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 What is CHIP?

CHIP is short for the Children's Health Insurance Program, Pennsylvania's program to provide health insurance to uninsured children and teens who are not eligible for or enrolled in Medical Assistance

There are a lot of reasons kids might not have health insurance  maybe their parents lost a job, don't have health insurance at work, or maybe other options just cost too much. Whatever the reason, CHIP may be able to help.

NINE OUT OF 10 CHIP parents report satisfaction with their child's health plan, and 96 PERCENT received an appointment for checkups and vaccinations as soon as they wanted. Apply today.

Answers to common questions


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How does CHIP put health insurance within reach?

CHIP is brought to you by leading health insurance companies. You'll have a choice of major insurance companies with networks of physicians, specialists, and care facilities near you.  Your kids may even be able to keep visiting the same doctors they see today. Find a CHIP health insurance company in your county.

What's the cost for CHIP coverage?

​For most families, it's free. Families with incomes above the free CHIP limits will pay low monthly premiums and co-pays for some services. View comprehensive income information.

I thought CHIP was only for low-income families?

​​Parents may think their kids can't get CHIP because they make too much money. Not true! CHIP covers uninsured kids and teens up to age 19 who are not eligible for Medical Assistance.

Does CHIP have a waiting list?

​​No. There is no waiting list to enroll in CHIP.

How long is my child covered once enrolled in CHIP?

​Once enrolled, children are guaranteed 12 months of CHIP coverage unless they no longer meet the basic eligibility requirements. Families must renew their coverage every year in order for the coverage to continue. CHIP insurance companies send renewal notices 90 days before their benefits are going to end, and families must fill out and send the renewal information back to their CHIP insurance company in order for benefits to continue.

My child has a pre-existing condition. Does that affect our eligibility?

​​Pre-existing conditions are covered. There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions in CHIP or Medical Assistance. However, if your child has a serious medical condition or disability, he or she may be considered for Medical Assistance.

I recently gained custody of my grandchildren. Can I apply for CHIP?

​​As the legal guardian who is exercising care and control you can apply for healthcare for your grandchild(ren).  Your grandchild(ren) that live with you due to legal adoption may be eligible for CHIP.  When you apply for CHIP, your income will only be counted if you have legally adopted your grandchild(ren).

I have other questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our FAQ section and/or call a CHIP insurance company in your county.