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Our son has lost 97 pounds

Dear CHIP, 

I felt compelled to tell you our story. I don't know how to say Thank you and God bless you enough to ever let you know what having CHIP has done for our son. Over the last two years, with trips to Hershey Medical Center to see a pulmonologist, endocrinologist, and cardiologist, our son was weighing in at 200 pounds. He had asthma, allergies and now severe obesity. 

When you are in the emergency room and it's breathe or not breathe, albuterol looks pretty good! He went through allergy shots every Tuesday for a year and a half and our frustrations were growing. It just didn't seem fair, our nine year old son at that time was plagued with so many health problems. After some research on tonsils and adenoids, I made an appointment with our family doctor and asked about a tonsillectomy because I heard having a child's tonsils out could make a difference. Around this time also, our son's pulmonologist sent him for a sleep apnea test at the hospital. The thoughts of him going on a machine at night so his labored breathing didn't cut out was not something we would've ever wanted for him. 

Our doctor sent us to an ENT doctor who said our son's tonsils and adenoids were very large and this surgery could make a difference but the biggest difference would be if he lost weight. He told us that it was imperative to his health and if he didn't, it could kill him. We had a tough time finding an anesthesiologist who felt comfortable putting our son under due to his age, weight, and health. What seemed to be a simple surgery, outpatient for most, was now, "Oh God, I hope everything's going to be alright!" Our son had his surgery and after a couple weeks recovery was feeling much better it was a success! 

But what came next made the biggest difference. A year ago he was 217 pounds. Our son is now 11 years old, a fifth grader, and he has lost 97 pounds in one year. He weighs 120 pounds. It's amazing. No pulmonologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, no asthma symptoms, no medications and he never had to go on the sleep apnea machine. I don't know how to say that if it wasn't for CHIP insurance. The expense of the specialist and the surgery cost $15,500 in less than a year, We couldn't have done it! There is no way our family could have afforded what our son needed in order to get him healthy. He's a different child! 

Thank you for having this health insurance for families who do not have insurance. We are so grateful! 

God Bless You! 
A CHIP Parent