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Success Stories

  • Overall, 9 OUT OF 10 parents report satisfaction with their child's CHIP health plan
  • More than 9 OUT OF 10 CHIP parents report they were able to access urgent care services for their child as soon as necessary, and were able to obtain an appointment for their sick child within 24 hours
  • 93 PERCENT said they're pleased with the helpfulness of CHIP staff
  • 96 PERCENT of parents report their child's doctor treats them with respect
  • 99 PERCENT of parents report their child saw the dentist in the last six months


Real families share their experiences

Click "read more" for more information about any of these testimonials from real Pennsylvanians.

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We are at ease thanks to CHIP

​I feel that my children are in capable hands thanks to these doctors and services.

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We are so grateful for CHIP

​My daughter has had excellent health coverage through CHIP since she was born in 2008.

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CHIP protects my family

​There is nothing more important to my husband and I than the health of our four children.

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I'm a satisfied mother

​All of the people involved with this program have treated us wonderfully.

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My family relies on CHIP

​Without it, it would cause an immense financial burden for our family.

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Our son has lost 97 pounds

​He's a different child, and he couldn't have made these strides without CHIP.

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CHIP helps me provide

My youngest daughter is doing well thanks to treatment she received through CHIP.

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Real families are helped

​Video profiles show how CHIP improves the lives of Pennsylvanians.

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If they get hurt, CHIP is there

​We are finally able to sleep at night knowing our kids can see excellent pediatricians.

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My son feels like he belongs

​He no longer feels "different," now that he receives treatment through CHIP for his ADD.

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My grandson smiles again

​I am raising two grandchildren whose parents died tragically.  CHIP provides dental care.

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CHIP gives me peace of mind

I know our insurance can handle whatever illnesses my children may contract.

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Community needs CHIP

​Word-of-mouth spread quickly through Hispanic organizations in York.

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Undocumented kids were eligible

​Parents were relieved to get their children quality health care coverage through CHIP.

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CHIP has been a blessing

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