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'My family depends on CHIP'

Tara Brown says her family depends on CHIP to keep her kids, Zack and Kassidy, healthy.

Zack and Kassidy are healthy and covered by CHIP"I'm writing to you today as a concerned mother. The recent allowance by Congress to let CHIP funding lapse cannot be permitted to stand.

My family depends on CHIP. My husband is a foreman at a construction company, and they don't offer medical. I am a stay-at-home parent, and while the benefits to that are immense for sure, they do not extend to medical coverage. We do OK for ourselves. We're able to pay our bills on time, keep food on the table, and aren't on any assistance. We may not have as much as some, but we have enough.

We rely on CHIP to help keep our two children healthy through regular doctor and dental checkups. Without it, it would cause an immense financial burden for our family. It would mean my husband and I foregoing our own coverage for the sake of our children. If it comes to that, we absolutely will, because our kids come first, but I'm hoping Congress acts quickly so we don't need to resort to such measures. Please help us. Please save CHIP."

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