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Is there a Cost?

Most families receive CHIP coverage for free. Others can get the same benefits at a low cost. If your income is below the lowest amount listed, your child or teen may be enrolled in Medical Assistance. 

Whether CHIP is free or low-cost depends on the number of members in the household, as well as total household income. For free CHIP, there are no premiums or copays. Premiums and copays apply for low-cost CHIP.

Households with incomes above a certain level can receive comprehensive, quality CHIP coverage at a low cost.

View the CHIP Income Guidelines Chart 2021.pdf to see the average monthly cost per child.  

The income chart helps families determine which category they may qualify for free or low-cost CHIP. CHIP has created a page.pdf displaying the rates by insurance company.          

Remember: If your income is below CHIP limits, your family could be eligible for Medical Assistance.