FAQ: How to Renew

What information do I need to renew?
To renew your coverage, you will need the following information handy:

  • Renewal Notice from your CHIP health insurance company
  • Income amounts for your entire household before taxes - all forms of income (for example – your paycheck, social security, pension, workers' compensation, unemployment, etc.)
  • Social Security Numbers and birthdates for all applicants
  • Private health insurance information (if you have or had private health insurance in the last 90 days)

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How do I renew my coverage?
There are two different ways you can renew your child's CHIP health insurance.


To renew online using COMPASS, you will need your UFI, member ID and renewal month. You can find all of this inofrmation int he renewal letter you receive in the mail from your CHIP insurance company.

Renew Now


Your CHIP health insurance company will send you a renewal form with your renewal notice. After your renewal form is complete, you will need to sign it and send it back. If you haven't received your renewal notice, call your CHIP health insurance company at the phone number listed on the back of your child's identification card. Then, ask them to send another renewal form.

Why do I need to renew?
To keep your children covered, you have to renew your CHIP coverage every year. It's not automatic. You will receive a renewal form 90 days before your coverage ends.

Learn more about renewing your coverage.

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I didn't renew my children's coverage - can I reapply?
Yes. You can apply for CHIP online at www.compass.state.pa.us or by mail. Download the CHIP application or find a CHIP health insurance company in your county and give them a call. They will mail you an application.

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For questions about coverage and benefits, contact a CHIP health insurance company.

To find health insurance companies that offer CHIP in your area search by county.