FAQ: How to Apply

What information do I need to apply?
You will need to know your all household income, any private health insurance information, and social security numbers for the children you are applying for.

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How do I find a provider in my area?
In many counties, there are several health insurance companies that offers CHIP. This is great news for you because you can select the company that best meets your family's needs. Find a health insurance company that offers CHIP in your area.

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How can I apply?
Applying for CHIP is easy. You can apply online or by mail in the privacy of your own home.


The online application walks you through all the questions. The applications are submitted immediately and directly; there's no worrying about it getting lost in the mail. And since COMPASS is Pennsylvania's online application system, you can apply for different services with just one application.

First, find a CHIP insurance company in your area. If you apply online, you may not be able to choose from all of the CHIP insurance companies providing coverage in your county. You can also apply with a paper application to any of the CHIP health insurance companies providing coverage in your county by downloading an application now, or by visiting a CHIP insurance company website. 

Apply online now!


You can apply by mail by downloading and printing an application now, or by visiting a CHIP health insurance company website.

Once we have your signed application, you should know within four to six weeks whether your children are eligible for CHIP. Unfortunately, incomplete applications will delay the processing of your application. After you're notified that your child is eligible for CHIP, benefits will usually start on the first day of the next month. For example, if you receive notice on April 15th, benefits would start on May 1st.

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Do I have to give my Social Security Number on the application?
A Social Security number is required for each child that you are applying for.

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I am losing my job and my health insurance. Can I get CHIP for my children?
Along with the other eligibility criteria, your children cannot be covered by any other insurance when you apply for CHIP. However, if your children are currently covered, but you are losing your health benefits, you can apply for CHIP. Be sure to note the end date of their insurance coverage on the application.

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I have more questions. What should I do?
Couldn't find the answer you're looking for? Maybe it's under another category in our FAQ section. For additional information find and contact a CHIP health insurance company in your area.

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For questions about coverage and benefits, contact a CHIP health insurance company.

To find health insurance companies that offer CHIP in your area search by county.