Success Stories


  • Overall, nine out of ten parents report satisfaction with their child’s CHIP health plan
  • More than nine out of 10 CHIP parents report they were able to access urgent care services for their child as soon as necessary, and were able to obtain an appointment for their sick child within twenty-four hours
  • 93% said they’re pleased with the helpfulness of CHIP staff
  • 96% of parents report their child’s doctor treats them with respect
  • 99% of parents report their child saw the dentist in the last six months

Real Families Share Their Experiences

A Satisfied Mother

There is no way our family could have afforded what our son needed in order to get him healthy.

Because our kids are enrolled in CHIP, I have been able to provide for my family.

Although the children have had no serious health problems, we are at ease because we now have the ability to get quality health care

Now my children can play

He feels like he belongs

My grandson is no longer afraid to smile

I am very happy that we are a CHIP family CHIP gives me peace of mind to know my son can play

We are protected

Undocumented parents with eligible children

CHIP gives me peace of mind to know my son can play

Meeting the need

[VIDEO] CHIP Helping Families in Need