Applying Online With COMPASS

In Pennsylvania, you can apply for or renew your CHIP benefits online using COMPASS, an online application for health and human services. 

Through COMPASS, you can apply for:

  • Healthcare coverage (CHIP and Medical Assistance)
  • School Meals
  • Cash Assistance
  • Food Stamps
  • Child Care Works
  • Long-term Living Services
  • SelectPlan for Women
  • Home Heating Assistance

Plus, you can log on anytime 24/7 and check the status of your application. Your benefits are just a click away.

So, how do I sign up?
You're ready to apply - great! Before you do, you will need the following information handy:

  • Income amounts for your entire household before taxes - this includes income from employment and all other forms of income (for example - social security, pension, workers' compensation, unemployment, etc)
  • Social Security Numbers and birthdates for all applicants
  • Private health insurance information (if you have or had private health insurance in the last 90 days)

Applying for CHIP is easy. You can apply online or by mail in the privacy of your own home.

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It's fast and easy!

The online application walks you through all the questions. The applications are submitted immediately and directly; there's no worrying about it getting lost in the mail. And since COMPASS is Pennsylvania's online application system, you can apply for different services with just one application.

First, find a CHIP health insurance company in your area. If you apply online, you may be limited in the number of CHIP health insurance companies you can choose from in your county. You can also apply with a paper application by downloading an application now, or by visiting a CHIP health insurance company website. 

Apply online now!

Need help filling out your application or have questions? Contact a CHIP health insurance company in your county.


• To match what we did on the FAQ boxes in the English version, change “¿Tiene preguntas? Tenemos respuestas:” to “¿Tiene preguntas sobre el programa CHIP y sobre cómo funciona? Tómese un momento para revisar las preguntas frecuentes.” Below this, the lead-in to the questions should be “También puede leer estas preguntas comunes:” (See for example of format.)

Do you want to help more families in your community?

Tell others about CHIP! You may not realize that the people you work with, worship with or that your children go to school with, are in need of health insurance for their children. Spread the word about CHIP by ordering free CHIP brochures to drop off at your school, library, hospital, doctor’s office, athletic director’s office, or place of worship. Or encourage us to contact them.

If you are a community organization or business, become a COMPASS Community Partner! COMPASS is Pennsylvania's one-stop online screener and application for health and human services. Through COMPASS, Pennsylvania families can apply for numerous programs with ONE application. The application is submitted directly to the appropriate departments, which decreases the amount of processing time.

By becoming a Community Partner, you and your organization can:

  • Use the Power User version of COMPASS to help Pennsylvania families apply online for social services such as health insurance, cash assistance, Food Stamps, LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and long-term care through ONE single application
  • Initiate and track applications
  • Verify an applicants identity and submit applications with an E-Signature

Sign up to be a COMPASS Community Partner here.